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Welcome to Yoga For All People!

Our goal is to bring Yoga to everyone who wants to participate no matter what age, size, physical fitness or belief system. This is reflected in the classes we offer:

  • Classical Hatha Yoga
  • Kids Yoga
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Hormone Yoga Therapy

Practicing Yoga every day helps us to balance all of our bodily systems, including our glands and hormones. That will lead us to strength, flexibility, vitality, weight loss and vibrant health. Then we will experience stress reduction, happiness and peaceful state of mind.

What is Yoga?
Marianne, the founder of Yoga For All People, views and understands Yoga to be "Union" or to be "One." This is the meaning of translation of the word Yoga which comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. Many claim that Yoga originated about 5000 years ago in India, some point to statues or drawings of other ancient cultures clearly depicting what we now call a Yoga pose and others claim that the Yoga we practice today has its roots in the Swedish Gymnastic movement of the 18th century. Most agree that the goal of the Yoga practitioner is to connect body, mind and spirit - to bring it to oneness. This might sound like an esoteric, non-tangible goal or as something too big to even try, but practicing Yoga is not so much about reaching a far off goal as it is about its daily application and the progressive effect on the individual's life.

What does that mean? The simple answer is to fix the body - everyday. Over and over again. Every day, we mess up a little: Maybe by wearing the wrong shoes, sleeping in a funny position or eating something not so good for our body. So, we move our bodies, twist and stretch and we practice breathing until our bodies are free of pain and discomfort - at peace again. Then, our mind can experience peace as well. And a peaceful mind is the gateway to spirituality.

What is Classical Hatha Yoga?

Classical Hatha Yoga addresses all systems of the body. In a typical class, Marianne will begin by teaching breathing techniques which strengthen the respiratory system and also quiet the mind and reduce stress. Then she will take the students through the whole body, from head to toe, using simple movements to strengthen and stretch the entire Neuromuscular Skeletal System. In Classical Hatha Yoga, the entire body is viewed as one system and the classes are designed to affect the Respirator, Digestive, Muscular, Nervous, Endocrine and Skeletal Systems. Meditation will help concentration and focusing power and the sprinkling of Yoga Philosophy throughout the lesson helps students understand the importance of each posture, why we do Yoga and how to enjoy life by being in the present.

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Free Fix Your Body Class
Monday  5PM
Location: First Baptist Church of Lemon Grove
2910 Main Street
Lemon Grove, CA 91945-2425

Thursday  2PM
Location: El Cajon Library
201 East Douglas Avenue,
El Cajon, CA 92020

For more information please visit the Contact Us or Schedule page 

or call Marianne at 619.261.2327